Last updated: 10th January 2021


Whilst we are on-premises, the health and safety of our church community is of utmost importance. For this reason, we’d like to ask every attendee to adhere to the COVID19 guidelines we have implemented. Our aim is to create a safe and secure environment for everyone who visits, ensuring we keep in line with NSW Government guidelines.



Health Screening:

Please stay home and utilize our Livestream services if you or any member of your family are:

  • Feeling unwell
  • Have any flu-like symptoms, such as fever, coughing, sneezing, sore/scratchy throat
  • Have come into contact with a positive case of COVID19
  • Are awaiting test results for COVID19
  • Have returned from travel and/or are required to self-isolate
  • Are elderly or in a vulnerable category
  • Have been to a COVID19 venue with a confirmed case on the date/time indicated by NSW Health and are required to self-isolate for 14 days



To maintain a safe and secure environment for all, we ask for your cooperation upon entry into the church premises:

  1. Wearing a mask is optional but is recommended. Please bring your own mask. Church supply is limited.
  2. Scan the QR Code and Check-In
  3. Apply Hand Sanitiser
  4. Abide by our Safe Capacity Limits in all areas of the church building (look for signage).
  5. Ensure you are abiding by our health screening conditions above. If unwell, remain at home and follow COVID19 advice
  6. Please understand that entry may be denied should you fail the health criteria above, as required by NSW Health Regulations



  1. Please observe all safety signage around the building
  2. Please maintain 1.5m physical distancing at all times
  3. Please maintain good hand hygiene by applying hand sanitizer frequently and/or washing hands regularly
  4. Please maintain good respiratory etiquette by coughing/sneezing into your elbow, or using a tissue and dispose of it immediately. Apply hand sanitizer afterwards.
  5. Please refrain from physical contact and greetings. A friendly hello or wave will be sufficient
  6. Please observe maximum safe capacity allowed within all areas of the building
  7. Follow directions for safe entry into and exit from the building
  8. Parents with children are to follow the directions of our ushers for our Children’s Ministry program. Parents are to continue signing in and dropping off children as per normal. However, children MUST be picked up directly from the classroom after the service. Children’s Church in operation during School Holidays only.


  • Please refrain from physical contact when farewelling friends
  • Please maintain social distancing as you depart the premises
  • Please avoid congregating near doors, aisles, foyer or in toilet areas
  • Entries and exits will be clearly marked.
  • After dismissal, please exit the property promptly so that we can prepare for the next service

What Else is Faith Baptist Church doing?

  • Conditions of Entry: Anyone who does not comply with our conditions of entry above will be asked to return home.
  • Vulnerable People: Those in high-risk categories will be encouraged to remain at home and utilize our online services.
  • Physical Distancing: We will encourage all adults to maintain the required 1.5m physical distancing at all times. Our ushers will kindly offer reminders as needed. We have also reduced the capacities in our auditorium and ministry areas to keep in line with the 4m2 per person rule. We have ensured increased seating and spacing and certain areas of the church will be closed off as required.
  • Hand Sanitising: Ample hand sanitizer units have been installed around the church building. People will be required to apply upon entry and exit. Signage and information will be available throughout the church building about safe hand hygiene practices.
  • Greetings: We have eliminated greeting using physical contact for the time being, and we will encourage all attendees to refrain from kissing, hugging and shaking of hands. A friendly wave hello and verbal greeting will be sufficient.
  • Cleaning: We have increased the frequency of our cleaning for high touchpoints in common areas and are well stocked with cleaning products and sanitising solution. Our church cleaning team has been busy preparing cleaning checklists, cleaning schedules and rosters to ensure the church auditorium, common areas, all touchpoints as well as any ministry area utilised are sanitised after each use.
  • Children’s Ministry: Although children do not legally need to follow strict physical distancing guidelines, our staff will continue to maintain 1.5m physical distancing from students where practical. Our teachers have also been trained to implement safe hygienic practices inside the classroom, such as regular application of sanitiser, encourage protocols for coughing/sneezing/using tissues, send unwell children back to parents, minimising object sharing and sanitising the classroom and resources after use.
  • Morning Tea/Fellowship Lunches: Have been suspended until further notice.
  • Sharing Objects: We have eliminated object sharing, such as passing around of the offering bags and passing out of communion. Online giving is encouraged and remains available, and individual pre-packaged communion cups will be utilized instead.
  • Music/Singing: We will be refraining from congregational singing until further notice. Instead, we can worship the Lord through singing in our hearts whilst enjoying the choir and orchestra performances on stage.
  • Record Keeping: for contact tracing purposes, we will keep a log of all who enter the building




Livestream remains available for the following services:

  • Sunday Morning service at 10:45 am
  • Sunday Evening service at 5:30pm

Watch via or on our YouTube, Facebook page, Church Mobile App or website.

As restrictions ease, Faith Baptist Church is progressively resuming all its onsite operations with precautionary measures that will maintain a safe and viable ministry. In the meantime, please continue to be in prayer for our government, our church, and our people as we seek God’s guidance and wisdom for the days ahead.



Sunday Morning  Service






 On-premises and via Livestream

No pre-registration is required to attend on-premises


Children’s Ministry


Sunday’s 10:45am


On-premises during 10:45 am session only

During School Term: Creche, Nursery and all Sunday School classes in  operation (including High School up to Grade 9)

During School Holidays: Kids Church is running for all primary school ages

No pre-registration is required to attend on-premises

Arabic ServiceSunday’s 9:15amOn-premises

No pre-registration is required to attend on-premises

Sunday Evening  ServiceSunday’s 5:30pmOn-premises and via Livestream

No pre-registration is required to attend on-premises

Prayer MeetingWednesdays 7:30pmNot running during Summer School Holidays
ELEVATE                                 Young Adults MinistryWednesdays 8:30pmNot running during Summer School Holidays
EPIC                                   Teens Ministry Fridays 7:30pmNot running during Summer School Holidays
Kids Bible Club Ministry Fridays 7:30pmNot running during Summer School Holidays