Mansour Youssef is the senior pastor of Faith Baptist Church Sydney and a faithful man of God who preaches the Bible with great conviction, love and passion.

He has been serving the Lord in the ministry of Faith Baptist Church for over twenty years with his wife Sharon and children Jeremy, Ryan and Larissa.

Born in Beirut Lebanon, he and his family escaped a war-torn country in 1977 and came to live in Sydney, Australia. He undoubtedly believes it was the providence of God that brought him to this country where he heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith Baptist Church was then in its formative years, meeting in the pastor’s home, where he attended  Sunday School as a young boy and came to know Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour.

From the age of sixteen he had a desire to serve the Lord. However, life circumstances would direct his path through the business world for thirty years. During this time, God shaped him to be a leader with a deepened love for God and people.

Pastor Mansour and Sharon Youssef

In March 2018, he followed God’s calling and surrendered to full-time ministry as the pastor of Faith Baptist Church. Pastor Mansour Youssef acknowledged that this was the Lord’s doing in His life, and he gives thanks to Jesus Christ for enabling him and counting him faithful; putting him in the ministry.

His life purpose is to be an example while serving his generation. As a man of God, he strives to glorify God by persistently depending on the Holy Spirit, faithfully loving his family, generously giving of his resources, pointedly advancing the gospel, faithfully preaching the Bible and compassionately nurturing people to follow Jesus Christ.

Pastor Mansour Youssef and his wife Sharon are confident of this very thing that He who had begun a good work in their life will continue to accomplish His purpose in them until Jesus returns and raptures the church or they die and be in the presence of the Lord.

With their Bible in hand, the Holy Spirit leading them and the grace of God sustaining them, they look to fervently serve the Lord and reach people with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.