What to expect?

Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist is a church founded on the Word of God, the Bible. We are committed to teaching and preaching every service from the Bible. The services consist of worshiping God with music and special songs followed by preaching from God’s Word that will help you to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Meeting Times


Where do I take my children?

There are services for children of all ages from nursery right through to Sunday School. Our trained leaders all have working with children checks and are committed to the care and safety of every child. You can ask the ushers greeting people at the door for details on where to take your child.

Sunday School services include:

We’ll take every care with your child and ensure they feel comfortable in a fun-loving atmosphere. You will need to sign your child into class and you’ll be issued with a card that you’ll need to sign them out once they are done. For the safety and care of your child please remember that you do need to sign your child out of Sunday school once the service is over.

Is there a Youth Group?

There sure is! and we call it EPIC! That’s Endless Possibilities In Christ. If you have a teenager in high school then they will love the exciting atmosphere of EPIC. They meet every Friday at 7:30pm and have regular outings and actives from outreach projects to just going out and having fun.

How should I dress?

There is no dress code at Faith Baptist Church for anybody. But so you know we do believe that coming together to worship God during our services is important and our ministry leaders and church family do dress up like they’re going to an important event. However our main goal is that you feel welcome and comfortable and we know that God cares more about what we look like on the inside 🙂

Am I Expected to Participate in the Offering?

No, please don’t feel obliged to give in the offering during the service. The offering enables the church to support ministries here in Australia and around the globe. It also supports the ministries of the Church. The most important thing is we hope you find in this place a warm family spirit and truth in God’s Word. Please don’t feel any obligation to participate in the offering.

How do I get to Faith Baptist? See Map

We are in Regents Park, Sydney but since we’re in a new business park  some people find they have challengers finding Faith Baptist because there car GPS is unable to find the church address. Here is what we recommend.

1. Find us at: 34 Princes Road East, Regenst Park

2. We are on the corner of Princes Road East and Chisholm Road 

3. Faith Baptist is about a 20 min walk from the Regents Park Train Station.

4. Faith Baptist is a 30min drive from the Sydney Domestic and International Airports.

Car Park

Faith Baptist does have a large car park but there are occasions where you may struggle to find a vacant spot. When this happens you’ll find the best place to park is on Chisholm road right next to church.